NFT Preservation

Are you NFTs safe? Do you know how to protect your collection?

Most collectors don’t think about the fact that they have to take ownership over the storage and maintenance of their NFTs. If you’re not aware of what steps you need to take, you could lose the entire value of your collection. In this final video of ClubNFTs Safe Course, Chris King will show you ClubNFTs solution to backing up and protecting your NFTs.

00:00 - Jason Intro

02:36 - Introduction

03:12 - Manual NFT Back-up

04:58 - The ClubNFT Back-up Tool


ClubNFT Backup Tool


❌ 10% of NFTs are on-chain

❌ 40% of NFTs are on private servers and at risk

✅ 50% of NFTs are on IPFS & can be saved with ClubNFT

Keep your NFTs SAFE, learn about our back-up tool: Save your NFTs today - for free!

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