What is my private key? Should I write it down? What’s a good wallet to have? What’s the difference between a hardware wallet and a regular wallet? 

There’s a lot of confusion around which wallets are best and what is considered ‘good practice’ when purchasing NFTs. In this first video of ClubNFTs Safe Course, we aim to walk you through what a wallet is, how to set one up, and why it’s important to snag a hardware wallet.

00:00 - Jason Intro

01:01 - What is a wallet?

02:22 - What is a self custody wallet?

03:28 - How to set-up Metamask

06:46 - Should you have multiple wallets?

08:19 - What is a hardware wallet?

09:18 - How to set-up Ledger


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Ledger: https://www.ledger.com/

Metamask: https://metamask.io/