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Secure the future of your NFTs with pinning - keeping off-chain files accessible and permanently associated with your NFTs, even if the original hosting service or IPFS node goes down.


Get control of your NFT assets with our backup service - providing local backups of associated files for IPFS restoration, enabling self custody and eliminating third-party dependency for NFT value preservation.


Get accurate and reliable valuation insights for your NFT collection with our extensive coverage of Ethereum, Tezos, and Avalanche-based NFTs by subscribing to our service today and make informed investment decisions to take your collection to the next level.


Using an advanced algorithm, we recommend artists and NFTs that are tailored to each collector's unique preferences, making it easier than ever to expand their collection and discover new talent.


Keep your NFT assets safe and secure with a service that automatically monitors, backs up, and pins any new acquisitions - ensuring the protection and longevity of your valuable collection.


Uncover hidden risks and safeguard your NFT investments with a powerful analysis tool that identifies which NFTs are at risk of breaking, and shows you which ones can and should be backed up and pinned for long-term protection and preservation.


Quickly and easily get a handle on your collection's overall size, valuation, safety, and growth over time, compare your collection to the rest of ClubNFT’s members, and check your most recently collected NFTs safety & valuation.

Don't let your NFTs lose their value — we handle the complicated and confusing process of preserving your collection.

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Collection Insights

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A couple weeks ago you helped me run my collection using ClubNFT. I think of myself as pretty sophisticated, I like to buy things that are decentralized and onchain. But a surprising number, 40-50% of my tokens, also had some offchain or centralized vulnerabilities. I’m looking forward to digging into the report to see where that happened because it didn’t cross my mind that I was doing that, but apparently I did do that.See Interview ›
If the marketplace where you bought your NFTs stops working, you may lose access to it, and your NFT will become ‘empty shells’ stored on the blockchain. That’s precisely why we decided to partner up with ClubNFT, so you can truly protect and backup your NFTs no matter what happensRead Article ›
Stuart Haber
I was frankly flabbergasted to realize that for most users that when they bought an NFT they didn’t know what they were buying and they weren’t protecting them at all and they often lost them because the storage wasn’t being done correctly, or at all. It would be convenient to me as an OG in this space let alone to a neophyte to be able to push a button as I buy an NFT to know that it’s securely stored using ClubNFTSee his TED Talk ›

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