ClubNFT Says:

10% of NFTs are on-chain.
40% of NFTs are on private servers and at risk.
50% of NFTs are on IPFS & can be saved with ClubNFT!

Protect your NFTs today - for free!
No dApp to connect, no transactions to approve.

Watch and learn from the ClubNFT experts.


ClubNFT SAFE Course - Wallets

In this video, we aim to walk you through what a wallet is, how to set one up and why it's smart to snag a hardware wallet...


ClubNFT SAFE Course - Scams

Scams, hackers and phishing (copymints too). Just a few of the things we'll help you understand and protect against in this video.


ClubNFT SAFE Course - How It Works

How the world of NFTs work! An intro to blockchain, smart contracts and tokens....


ClubNFT SAFE Course - Backup Tool

And at long last, the Backup Tool. Chris explains the ins and outs of our Backup Dashboard...

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"Do you know what to do if any of the marketplaces you have your NFTs on goes out of business? If the answer is no, you should backup your collection with ClubNFT!"

NFTgirl, NftGirl.eth

"It's important for collectors to take ownership of their collection's longevity. We cannot depend on centralized entities, or even IPFS, to always host our data." - DeeZe

pictured: Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple

"Serious art collectors protect their collection. Download your NFT assets and back them up today." - Richard Entrup

pictured: Judy Mam & Beatriz Helena Ramos,

'A JPEG loved is a JPEG protected.' - Bharat Krymo

pictured: various Headband Club, NFT LA

'Download your assets because no one cares more about storing the media than the owner of the NFT.' - Joe Looney

pictured: various Headband Club, NFT MIA

'Holding millions of dollars worth of NFTs on OpenSea Shared Storefront keeping you about at night? Try this.' - Vincent Van Dough

pictured: various Headband Club, NFT LA

'Trustless systems record ownership, but what about the actual files? Back-up your NFTs.' - marchingsquare,

pictured: Micol Ap, VerticalCrypto Art
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